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Your Money Worries Are Over!

             If you have what it takes -

    (Mostly "common sense", reliability & the "right attitude") 

We want to make you more than $1,004,000 Dollars richer by channeling a number of royalty payments directly to you.

Payment TO YOU will start in the next day or two and be complete within the next three months

This money will be paid to you electronically, instantly and directly wherever you live in almost any country in the world. 

Just read the rest of this page.....

And see if you are "The right stuff".

"What Do I Have To Do For All This Money?" 

2004 Ferrari 575M Maranello F1

This Ferrari sports car is owned by a person who made the right decision

To collect all this money we want you to join us as a Team Leader and help us run our business in a way which we think is totally unique.

This is NOT a "Get rich quick" scheme where you are promised you will get rich overnight while watching TV and drinking beer.

If you join us you will be able to collect a lot of money: 

But it will take a day or two to get the first chunk of cash in your account and 2 or 3 months to make your first Million Dollars

And you will have to do some work for it.

You will have to perform several administrative tasks for us on your computer from your home or office.

These tasks mostly amount to using a search engine, copying and pasting text and answering emails.

Can YOU do this?

If you think you CAN do this then set up a folder in the "Favorites" section of your browser and save this page in it.


The Internet Really Does 

Make People Like YOU Wealthy

There are over 600,000,000 people active on the Internet.

That is around twice the number of men, women and children in the USA.

Almost no one on the Internet is totally broke.

They nearly all have enough money to buy what they want if the price is right.

We have what they want at the right price and we are offering to share the income with YOU if you will help us.

There is a huge amount of money to be made here and your share will make you rich - probably beyond your wildest dreams.

As the Internet continues to grow, people like yourself really do become millionaires every day.

Do you want to be one of them?

But these new millionaires get rich by making the right decision - to do the right thing.

Most of these new millionaires keep quiet about their wealth because they have good sense.

The Author has been both  very poor and very rich and can speak from personal experience.

Rich is MUCH better  (Trust me on this)

Being quiet about being rich in your own/old neighborhood can be a good idea too.


"Exactly What Is On Offer Here?"

This beautiful home is owned by a person who made the right decision

$1,004,000 paid to you for giving us a little help with building and running our business for a period of about 3 months.

If you carry out this first series of tasks efficiently there will be opportunities for YOU to collect further similar payments in the future.

The only skill we require from you is that you can follow simple instructions carefully on your computer.

Please stop raising your eyebrows at the screen for a moment and read the following...

You will soon understand why this is a serious and genuine offer.

Life is all about making decisions:

Even if you do nothing
you make the decision to do that.


"How Easy Is It For Me To Make Big Money?"

A home by the sea: Is this what you want?

None of the tasks we want to pay you for are more difficult than opening a Stormpay or Paypal account. 

But we do need you to be reliable.

The first thing you need to do is to add this page to your Favorites Section.

Then you need to print it out and study it carefully 

    – the rest of your life depends upon it.

(Are you the sort of person who is now going to print the page or are the type that will, "Do it later"?)

Your part in this operation involves following simple instructions only.

The sort of money we are talking about here WILL improve your life forever.

We hope that what you will learn with us will also make you a happier  person 


Some People Do Get "Lucky"! 


This yacht is owned by a person who made the right decision

Example One
A few years ago
a smart young man had an idea regarding computers. Most people thought he was crazy - hard as that is to believe today - but a few people had faith in him and gave him their support and encouragement. 

Today those people are all multi millionaires, a loyal secretary and some ordinary people amongst them, and Bill Gates - love him or hate him - has sold a number of his products into nearly every house in the civilized world.

Example Two
Not so long ago
a young couple thought it would be a good idea to set up an auction site where people could sell their unwanted items for ready cash. Most people thought the idea would never catch on but a few people gave them their help and support.

Now EBay has over 50 million members paying it good money every month. The people who lent their support and encouragement at the start are now all multi-millionaires.

Example Three
Only a little while ago
a couple of "Teckies" thought it would be a good idea if anyone could send money to anyone else on the internet - and sell things without a merchant account.

Today the people who had faith in them and supported the fledgling Paypal are having the last laugh. Paypal has over 60 million members around the world. Some say one in three American adults has a Paypal account. 

All the members pay around 4% of their transferred money to Paypal for this useful service. Can you imagine how many tens or hundreds of millions of Dollars that is every month?

A little while ago Paypal was bought by EBay for an astronomical sum and the people who were there with the help and encouragement at the beginning were laughing all the way to the bank.

This aircraft is owned by a person who made the right decision

The point we are trying to get across to you here is that all these firms needed help at the beginning.

Help, often from ordinary people, encouragement and doing simple little administrative jobs like collecting the mail and answering the phone.

This is because they were each built by smart entrepreneurs with limited capital on a good idea (Like our firm) rather than being created by a huge corporation with the financial backing to throw money at a project.

The people doing these jobs weren't highly paid to begin with and they had no job security but they had vision, belief in the company and were prepared to put some effort into making them a success.

They also took the risk of being out of a job and losing their livelihood. Their reward from grateful entrepreneurs was a great deal of money when their gamble paid off.


WE Don't Want That Much From YOU

We have a world-shaking idea which is already generating a solid, and very healthy, Private Income for a great many people all over the world.

You will learn more about this idea for making huge fortunes through the Internet by reading below.

As is only right and fair, those who come in early receive more money for their trust and efforts.

We want your help but we DON'T want you to quit your day-job or take any risk.

We DON'T want you to work for nothing or give up your current security.


We just want you to have a little confidence in us when you have read the rest of this letter and do a little administration for us on your computer from your home or office.

Can you do that? We are talking about the level of computer skills it takes to send an email. Much less skill than entering an EBay auction.

Will you do it for an income of more than $1,004,000 Dollars..?

Paid by a series of electronic payments zapped into your account, so much at a time, over the next three month period, wherever you are in the world?

Your payments could start tomorrow if you join our Team today.

"Why Am I Getting This Offer?"

To begin with we recruited Team Leaders for The Private Income Organization through personal invitations from us to friends and then from friends to friends.

But now we are growing so fast we have decided to open Admission at Management Level to people the world over who meet our Membership Requirements.

This is why we have set up this selection process - to find people suitable for our needs and offer them a lot of money to join us.


"What Do You Want Me To Do?"

We want you to join our Team as a Manager with the title of "Team Leader". We have Team Leaders spread all over the world. 

You will mostly be helping to support people who are running sites like this one.

We have operations in almost every country in the world where Free Trade is allowed.

Whatever country you live in we have a place for you.

The work involves following some clear and straightforward instructions, a little effort on the internet from home and sending some simple emails.

     - but it is not very time consuming maybe an hour or two per week.

What we need from YOU is your reliability and accuracy.....

.....when you are working

We are growing so fast we cannot do it all alone.


"Is Your Operation Totally Lawful?"

Everything Is Absolutely "Above Board" And Legal.

   - Just Slightly Different To The Normal Way Of Doing Business

If you are concerned as to the legality of this system in your own country please bear with us until you are a Full Member of our Team when everything will become clear

We don't want trouble with the Sheriff

If you still have doubts we can supply the contact details for various authorities around the world which you can approach yourself to establish our probity.


"Am I The Sort Of Person You Are Looking For?"

Only YOU can answer that question accurately:

There are two kinds of people in the world:

Lion and Antelope.

Lion EAT Antelope.

Antelope provide the necessities of life for Lion by turning grass into meat 

- that is equivalent to working hard.

Lion harvest the efforts of the Antelope. They eat them!

Lion "live off the fat of the land" and are masters of all they survey.

- that is equivalent to being a successful business owner.

Most people are Antelope.  

This is nothing to be ashamed of, it is just a fact of nature.

There always have to be more poor people (Antelope) than rich people (Lion) - someone has to do the hard, dirty, unpleasant, boring work and people wouldn't if they were richer. 

Lion eat antelope

We just want to pick out the Lions who have what it takes to become successful.

This is easily achieved in a matter of minutes without your leaving the comfort of this page.

Basically, the Lions, those who are destined and able to become successful, will join our organization.

The Antelope won't. They will just get angry if they read this letter because they know in their hearts that here is the answer to all their dreams. 

They sometimes even get up the energy to complain to us about this text - but they don't have the courage to act and make themselves rich.


"What Skills Do I Need?"

We need several qualities from our Team Leaders but they are all personality traits which can be developed by more or less anyone with the courage and determination to succeed rather than specific skills or talents.

One of the things we require from our Team Leaders is that they can make simple decisions on the fly as they say straight away, without stalling.

Another is a "can do - will do" attitude. 

The majority of people will pass up this offer not because they have any reason to doubt its legitimacy but because they cannot be bothered to do what it takes to join our team!

An indoor job with no heavy lifting

Also we need people who can accept having a lot of money. Strange as this may sound. 

Some people will pass up this offer because it sounds like more money than they can handle - they are afraid of this much freedom.... whatever excuse they make to themselves and their family.


Can You Make Good Decisions?

This vacation is being taken by people who made the right decision

What the people enjoying these luxury items, pictured above, all have in common is that they made the right decision.

Which decision are you going to make?

You are going to make ONE decision by the end of this letter, like it or not

    -   even if that decision is, No, I don't want your money, I like being poor.

The sort of people we are looking for find MONEY - and what it can do for your lifestyle - both appealing and motivating. Do you?

Entrance to our organization is by self-selection so only you can decide if you have what it takes to reap the rewards we are offering.....


Who Do We NOT Want?

There are no limits to joining our Team on the grounds of:

Education - If you are "The Right Stuff" it doesn't matter if you have a PhD or finished school when you were 14 years old.

Race - Every race on earth has the sort of people we are looking for amongst its members.

Age - If you have the ability to do the job then you are old enough. If you can still switch on your computer then you are not too old.

Gender - Just as many men as women have the mindset and ability we are looking for.

Religion - What we do doesn't offend any religion we know of and all religions teach HONESTY - which is a primary requirement of our organization.

Sexual Orientation - We believe sexual orientation is a matter for the individual and so long as you don't harm people - particularly children - we consider this is none of our business.

Current Wealth - financial position or credit rating - If you are "The Right Stuff" it doesn't matter if you own your own business, work for a living or get by on Welfare. We all have to start from somewhere.

Many people who are "The Right Stuff" have not previously had the opportunity to reach their potential.

Does that sound like you?

Senior Citizens & Students, Mothers & Homemakers, Manual Workers & Office Workers, Construction Crew & Farmers, Sailors, Soldiers & Aircrew, Entrepreneurs & Lawyers, medical professionals & government employees, truck drivers & postal workers all over the world are joining our Team and collecting the rewards:

Great Wealth and the Freedom to spend their time as they wish


Computer Software Already Makes Big Money- 
For People With The Right Ideas

To give you an idea of what can be achieved selling software with conventional marketing techniques, consider this:

A certain company, some years ago and nothing to do with us, produced a piece of software that made the picture slightly better on any computer screen. This was a big thing for computer game players at the time. Once the software was written at a cost of a few thousand dollars it could then be produced for 50ca copy on a disk or no cost for download.

The company went on to sell 60,000,000 of these scripts at $30 each over the next couple of years. Remember this is to computer owners and not necessarily Internet surfers.  

That was $1,800,000,000 gross income for almost no outlay

In words they made one thousand, Eight hundred million dollars!

You might well think that is an almost incomprehensible amount of money.

But we are going to do better!

- because we know something that company never dreamt of.  

And we are going to share the profit with our Team Leaders!

NOW, are you with us or not?  

"How Does Your Business Work?"

Probably you are wondering how we can afford to pay YOU, and ALL our other Team Leaders, over $1,004,000 Dollars each. 

We can pay you all this money because we operate a new and confidential marketing system based on a discovery called "The First Principle".

The First Principle has never been employed before on the Internet - or anywhere else so far as we know - because it was thought up by our organization's Founder in 2004.

The First Principle is as much a breakthrough as anything else you will see in the computer world - it is just in a different area of human enterprise.  

You see, we aren't actually computer experts. We, the Directors of The Private Income Organization, come from other walks of life.

Our Founder, the man who came up with "The First Principle" is a physicist at a famous university.

Let me tell you how the First Principle was "discovered":


What Do Physicists Do?

You have probably heard of Professor Albert Einstein, and his famous equation of E = MC2

Well, he was a physicist.

This equation refers to the amount of energy you would get if you converted a piece of matter entirely into energy. 

It came to public prominence as the basic principle for the atomic bomb during WWII.

Professor Einstein was also famous for thinking up the Special Theory Of Relativity and the General Theory Of Relativity. These ideas concern how space and time interrelate. He was a pretty smart guy.

There are a number of other famous Physicists from the past including Max Plank - Quantum Theory from black body radiation, Ernest Rutherford - nuclear atom theory, J. W. Nicholson - quantized angular momentum, Niels Bohr - the 2 postulates and the integration of quantum and classical physics.

Probably the most famous physicist still alive is Professor Steven Hawking from the UK - the chap who came up with all sorts of marvelous ideas about how time and the universe work despite being confined to a wheelchair and unable to talk. An amazing man. 

The point I am trying to make here is that physicists are very, very smart.

There are physicist working today in many universities all over the world.

Nowadays they are working on "string theory", wormholes in space, cold fusion, unified field theory and so on. 

But you only hear about them when something sensational or amazing comes up and gets in the newspapers

As you might guess from their names, these guys come from all over the world and, despite internet conferencing, they like to get together every so often to argue about the latest ideas. They argue, it seems, whenever they meet.

At these meetings, often in hotels or universities in the US or Europe, they also drink and socialize with their "own kind"

I mention this "socializing with their own kind" because not many people know a physicist - they are quite "rare birds" - and, to be frank, they are so smart they tend to be difficult to get on with and more than a little eccentric

Most of the time they lock themselves away in their universities and, probably owing to being too smart, have trouble relating to "ordinary" people like us.

Despite this, the author has been a friend of the Founder since they were children and, while in awe of his intelligence, wouldn't trust him to cross the highway alone. Talk about "absent minded professor"!

We met at primary school and somehow hit it off. He helped the author with homework while the author kept the school bullies away. Sort of a partnership.

The Founder discovered the First Principle, upon which everything else in our system is based, during a "discussion" with some other physicists in Europe

It seems they were actually arguing about business communications and economics - something other than physics for a change - and the conversation moved to the problems of controlling business networks.

The Founder saw a Principle arise in the conversation that could make huge amounts of money quite easily and free him from being dependant on research grants

Grants are a constant problem for all scientists it seems.

Keeping the potential of the Principle to himself he returned home to the "Good ol' US of A" and d told the author because he realized he did not have the necessary business skills to put the First Principle into action alone

(It takes a smart man to know his own limitations.)

Then it took several long discussions for the Founder to get the idea across to the author because the original concept was quite complex and the Founder was used to talking to smarter guys than the author.

Nextwe brought in four more friends of the Author for their particular skills. 

Then we worked out between us how to apply the First Principle to the Internet business world

In practice it is quite simple.

Then other ideas and principles, including the "First Secret" grew out of this First Principle.

We friends became the Directors of this Organization.

Each of the Directors has their own specialty. The author's is communication.

The author's task in all this was to write the Web Copy to explain everything in simple terms- so if you don't understand anything its my fault

Don't worry, your part in all this is very simple.

And you can get any questions you may have answered by return when you have joined us.

We friends put in our own money to set up and test all the techniques involved.

The results of these tests left us all speechless - and immediately quite wealthy.

All the principles we have developed will make you money.

Some of the Principles we use you will be taught and able to use independently for your own gain....  

Other parts - well, we will keep our cards to ourselves


"Why Do You Want To Pay Me All This Money?"

Our motive for devising this project is simple and we are honest about it:

The Private Income Organization was set up to make we, The Directors, very, very rich. 

We like good living, fancy houses, big boats and fast cars.

None of us came from very wealthy backgrounds 

- but we all have dreams just like you have dreams.

Just like about 20% of the people reading this page, we are the sort of people to take action and reap the rewards.

What about you?

According to the First Principle, by which we run this organization, to make ourselves rich we need to make our Team Leaders rich too.

Your car demonstrates your Wealth to the world

- Your WEALTH defines your STATUS

We the Directors, having full knowledge of The First Principle, know that the best way to get good people to help us is to pay them a lot of money.  

"If you pay peanuts you get monkeys," as they say.

We can afford to pay so well because our organization employs a unique system for generating huge profits on the Internet.

You can become one of our elite Team Leaders and receive a share of this wealth.

Not only will you receive a large amount of money through us if you play your part, you will also learn how to make more or less as much money as you want, whenever you want it.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, 

teach a man to fish and you feed him for life." 

And this saying certainly applies to women - some of our highest earning Team Leaders are women

The ability to make money whenever you want it gives you financial security for life


"How Will I Get Paid?"

Our Team Leaders - such as yourself - are paid instantly as funds accrue to them - and their money is deposited electronically, directly into their accounts

Because of our Worldwide Operation we set our prices in US Dollars.

Wherever you live in the world, your money will be converted into your local currency by your bank as it comes in and credited to your account in the normal way.


The 80/20 Rule

There is a principle you will come across again and again when you join our team.

This rule is understood and/or taught by every professional marketing organization in the world.

It is called "The 80/20 Rule."

This rule states that of any random group of people presented with an opportunity only around 20% will take action while the remaining 80% will do nothing - they don't have what it takes to be successful.

Also, of any random group of people, 20% will be earning 80% of the income.

This is just how people are.

Think about that:

The successful 20% are not necessarily the brightest or the best educated

(though they might be the bravest)

- but they do get nearly all the rewards

They are quite hard to tell from the remainder except for two things:

1.   The 20% are willing to put in effort now for a reward a little way in the future and

2.   The 20% have the self-determination to act on their own opinions and decide for themselves; rather than asking workmates, friends and family to make their decisions for them.

Does it sound like you are one of the 20%?

Then you are the type of person we are looking for.


Are YOU "The Right Stuff"

The letter you have read so far has been carefully designed so that only the right sort of people will want to join us - The Lions - the Antelope will not read it through - or if they do they will just get angry with frustration.

He is "The Right Stuff"

As you will realize from reading the section above, the people we want to link up with are not easy to recognize from the outside. They are all different shapes, shades and sizes.

Some of them are already financially successful because they have had the opportunity to learn certain things from their families or mentors. Others have what we are looking for but when come to join us they are "penniless" as the British say.

This is because you can have the right qualities and be "The Right Stuff" but still be broke if you don't know what you are doing or don't get a "break"

   - an opportunity to get on in life.

She is "The Right Stuff" too

The sort of people we are looking for are ready for that break which will shoot them up the success ladder.


To Recap:

As you will now understand, part of the First Principle involves our recruiting a network of Managers - Team Leaders - such as you may soon become - and paying them a great deal of money for their services. 

There are several other good reasons for us paying out so much money.

The full answer is not obvious and gives us a competitive edge if utilized correctly.

To find out more you will have to join us.

For now, you just need to know that millions and millions of copies of certain Software Products are being sold by Members of our Organization and your income will be based on the profit generated by each one in your "Team".

.....and you don't have to do the selling!

Every Team Leader within The Private Income Organization wins.

Big time.


This Letter has several tests built into it

These include:

A test of YOUR ability to understand written English - do YOU understand what this letter is telling you? This letter is written in the business level English which it is necessary to understand in order to work with us.

A test of YOUR character - does this letter motivate YOU to act? This letter is carefully written to motivate ONLY the sort of people we want. This is why it may seem a little disjointed. (Though it does tend to make Antelope angry.)

A test of YOUR ability to make decisions under time-pressure - are YOU able to move on to the next stage within 60 minutes of reading this page?

A test of YOUR ability to follow written instructions - can YOU successfully open a Stormpay of Paypal Account without assistance? It costs nothing but your time and concentration. If you don't know what StormPay & Paypal are then see below.

Follow the instructions to collect the treasure

Something all successful people have to do is make decisions and make investments without having ALL the facts to hand. They have to use their judgment.


And now we sort the wheat from the chaff...

Do you have what it takes to pass our entry test?

Do YOU have the sound judgment and right attitude which will allow YOU to invest just $16.00 to purchase a valuable collection of Software Products - the "Admissions Product Group" - worth over $280, and so pass this test, without knowing any more about us than you have read so far? 

(See below for the contents of the Admissions Product Group)  

You have to use your judgment.

You have the opportunity here to get (and keep) more than $280 worth of software for just $16.00. 

This purchase shows us what sort of person you are and qualifies you as a Team Leader with the right to receive your $1,004,000.

Some people wouldn't swap a $10 bill for $20. 

That is just how some people are - but then most people never make themselves rich.

What about YOU?

You have to use your own judgment to assess what this business is worth to you.

Will you Invest $16.00 for the Right to Collect $1,004,000 Dollars?

This test is also to check you are FREE from a certain personality trait which we can explain to you now:

Actually, $16.00 is nothing to you, is it?    Be honest! 

You spend more on candy, newspapers, cigarettes, booze, dog treats - or The Lottery, don't you?

The requirement for this minimal $16.00 investment is also a test to "weed out" the Cynics - those who automatically assume there is something wrong with everything.

We don't want to share our secrets with people who are not going to join us.

Cynicism is always based on fear of being let down or things turning out badly. Usually it is learnt in childhood through bad experiences. We have found it to be an impassable barrier for anyone wanting to make serious money - so we don't want any Cynics in the team.

We want to know you are not going to let us down after you join.

Cynics sometimes keep money they inherit (Often they become misers) but they never make it for themselves.

Cynics would generally mess up in some way and then "bad mouth" our system. 

There is a mechanism in the Cynic's mind which loves to be right so much it will "cut off its nose to spite its face": 

A Cynic will often deny themselves success, somehow, so as to be able to say, "I told you so!"

We feel sorry for Cynics - but not sorry enough to let them in to damage our operation.

This Cynic is not suitable for our team

The Anti-Cynic Test is that we are asking you to buy a set of useful software products worth at least $280.00 for only $16.00 in order to prove to us - and yourself - that you are the sort of person capable of making yourself a great deal of money.

Can you grasp a good deal when you see one?

When you have made this purchase you are guaranteed acceptance INTO Membership of our team as a Team Leader. And you are definitely able to go on and collect your $1,004,000.


The Software Products we are offering you:

To be perfectly clear, you get All the software listed on the other end of this linkfor only $16.00. This comprises the Admissions Product Group.


As well as qualifying as a Team Leader with The Private Income Organization.


(Make sure you save this page to your "Favorites" before following the link so you can get back here if your "Back Button" doesn't work)


To view the Admissions Product Group software products guide please Click HERE


Then come come back to this page.



You don't just have to take our word for how well this project works for people just  like yourself

(Make sure you save this page to your "Favorites" before following the link so you can get back here if your "Back Button" doesn't work)

To see what some existing Team Managers think click HERE

Then come come back to this page.


There are no further "Tests"

But do understand that you will have to decide if you want to invest a further $16.00 - later on, when you know more of what we do, but before you collect all your money. 

This last payment you need ever make is to another of our managers and includes personal help & support for you with this project.

It also buys you the Advanced Product Group - Software worth over $500 - and it also covers software which will help you as a Team Leader - and the online support facilities which are supplied for you.


What You Have To Do To Join Us

What you have to do NOW to join us is pay the operator of this site, one of our Admissions Managers, $16.00 for the Admissions Product Group

This payment goes straight to the Admissions Manager running this page and covers the cost of the advertising that put this letter in front of you. We, The Private Income Organization, receive nothing from this payment at all.

In return for your $16.00 investment you will receive access to this full set of useful Software Products, as listed above, which are worth a minimum of $280.00. 

You can then download or access them at your leisure from the web page provided for that purpose. 

Most people think this is a pretty good deal as everyone wins

plus YOU get access to THE FIRST SECRET at your Supply Manager's Web Site. 

The First Secret describes how you will collect a massive income from the efforts of 250 people all making money for you - without leaving your computer screen.

And you qualify to collect your $1,004,000 as described above.


 ....and start receiving all this money.

To pay the operator of this Admissions Selection Page you will  have to  open either a StormPay or a Paypal account if you don't have one already. 

This is quick, very simple and FREE.

This is a standard Admissions Selection Page provided for our Admissions Managers - but they decide if they want to accept payment through StormPay, Paypal or both. 

So there may only be one option.

StormPay and Paypal are both money transfer services. They allow ordinary people to send and receive money over the internet securely - without the trouble and expense of opening a merchant account.

StormPay and Paypal are very similar in operation and both work well

In the opinion of the author the main difference is that StormPay is a little more straightforward - easier to sign up.  

StormPay & Paypal are both extremely security aware so using them will protect you from Internet Fraud. You will see something of how careful and clever they are when you open your account.

Having said all that, more people have Paypal accounts than StormPay because Paypal is owned by EBay. So we encourage our Admissions Managers to accept payment by either.

Below, therefore, you will find one or two buttons to make your payment.

You only need to use one of these reliable money transfer services.

The way that a purchase through both StormPay & Paypal works is that the "Buy" link takes you to a secure StormPay or Paypal page where you can either pay through your StormPay/Paypal account if you already have one or open one and use it immediately if you don't.

If you don't have an account with either StormPay or Paypal you will need to open one or the other given the options available below.


Making It Too Easy

Payment is by StormPay or Paypal rather than our merchant account because, with The Private Income Organization, money always flows straight to the person doing the work. In this case, the Admissions Manager running this site.

We know full well that conventional marketing wisdom says, "Give the potential client lots of options to pay and make it easy for them."

Well, we don't want anyone who will only join us if its that easy.

If a person can't be bothered to join a FREE SERVICE like StormPay or Paypal then we thank them for reading so far and we wish them "all the best" but good-bye!  

Act Now Or Your $1,004,000 Dollar Position

May Be Taken By Someone Else

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We Are Sorry....

Probably you have been led to this page by an attractive advertisement only to find you have wasted your time.

After all, 8 out of 10 visitors are not "The Right Stuff" and cannot bring themselves to join us.

Worse, if you have read this letter through, you will have seen what wealth and benefits we are offering to a certain type of person just for linking up with us.

So, if you are the wrong sort of person, we apologize for wasting your time and, far worse, raising your hopes of escaping the poverty trap to live a lifestyle of luxury and freedom.

You have our deepest sympathy:  

We truly do regret your loss and wish life were otherwise....

But it ain't

Certainly it would be our worst nightmare come true to be stood in the snow, nose pressed to the brightly lit shop window where all the "goodies" which life has to offer are displayed - And then not be able to get in! This is real stress.

Stress at work

The modern consumer society in which we live is driven by the advertising media's efforts to raise people's expectations so they strive for the big, luxurious house and the fancy European car - Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes or whatever - and the expensive holidays on golden beaches and so on and so on.

And even if they get to afford the goods they don't have enough time off work to enjoy them.

Sadly, most people just cannot have these things because they will never have enough money

They have to keep running on that treadmill. Like a mouse.

They just have to dream of winning the lottery to keep the misery of deprivation and overwork at bay.


Stress at home

It is the stress and frustration at unfulfilled expectations raised by watching TV lifestyles which causes most of the criminality, violence and drug addiction so rife in Western society. Little wonder when there is no way for the ordinary person to afford the luxury goods and dream life-style presented to them as "normal" every night. 

Certainly not by "working" for a living.

Sorry about that

The result of bad decisions

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