No Spam Policy:

The Private Income Organization


Our Spam Policy is quite simple: Zero Tolerance.

A captured "Spammer"

First of all, there should be no one seeking to draw visitors to our Domain directly as all Admissions should take place through the separate Domains & Sites operated by our Admissions Managers.

If an Admissions Manager uses Spam to bring visitors to their own site we want to know about it and will dismiss the culprit with total loss of income if Spamming is proven.

Should you consider yourself a recipient of spam then send us the offending email and remember to send the full package including the header.

If you have received Spam with this site as the target then it is likely we are the victims of a false Spam attack. Read through this site and you will understand there is no point in our using Spam to bring people here - even if we thought it was acceptable behavior - which we don't.

Nevertheless, should this be the case with yourself then, once again, send us the offending email and remember to send the full package including the header.

We will seek to track down the criminals responsible using professionals in this field. The offenders WILL be prosecuted.

Occasionally, people complain about being mailed even though they are on Double Opt-in lists. We do not regard this as Spam. Our advice here is to get yourself off the list. Responsible list owners always have a facility for deletion.

There is a new problem rearing its head which relates to a type of Spamming through people's IP Addresses. We regard this as an offence and will apply the same sanctions to the perpetrators as for normal Spamming. If you do not know about this problem then that is your good fortune. We are not seeking to make this practice more widely understood.

Contact us re Spam problems HERE